Android App Training

Online Android App Inventor Course: No Coding Required

  • Want to create your own Android Apps?
  • Not a computer programmer?
  • Not a problem!

Our online training courses have created mobile App building machines out of thousands of people, and we can do the same for you.

  • Create apps with no prior experience
  • No need to learn computer programming
  • Learn on your own schedule, at your own pace
  • No Android phone required, a phone emulator is included
  • Instant access to the courses
  • Download all course materials for car or plane trips

 Android App Development Course

How Does It Work?


You can create Android Mobile Apps without writing any programming code using free software called Android App Inventor. Our online App Inventor courses teach you everything from how to install App Inventor to publishing your first App to the Android Market.

App Inventor is a slick drag and drop interface that takes the mystery out of App building. Now anyone can create their own Android Apps with no prior experience.

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App Inventor in Action



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