Accessing the Web :: App Inventor Activity Starter Component

Accessing the web in App Inventor is not a difficult process. It can be achieved using either the App Inventor Activity Starter component or the Web component. Here is a video showing you how to access the web in App Inventor using the Activity Starter component. Each of these methods has their pros and cons.

Go here to learn how to access the web using the Web component.


  1. Sebastian says:

    the video is set to private :S

  2. Les Blade says:

    My partner and my partner and i? michael privileged to acquire your hair a describe beginning the isolated because he identified in truth suggestions strewn resting on the site. Exploring your website article can be wholly a real spectacular expertise. A lot of thanks for contemplating audience in one revere merely parallel to myself, and my partner and i in addition longing you the mainly beneficial a propos successes to ensue a expert region.

  3. Amshak says:

    Why is the video private? Is there any other link? How are we supposed to watch?

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