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Adding a Welcome Message – Notifier App Inventor Tutorial

Sometimes it’s fun to use App Inventor components for things they weren’t initially designed for. This App Inventor tutorial will show you how to use the App Inventor notifier component to create a welcome message for your apps.

This is just one example of using the notifier component for something different, but you could just as easily use the notifier component to bring up a helpful or funny message when someone clicks on a button or image. Use your imagination!

If you’re interested in learning how to build Android apps using App Inventor, check out our App Inventor course.


App Inventor Checkbox Component Explained

Ah, the App Inventor Check Box component: Often misunderstood and often underutilized. This short video will help you get started using this component, the rest is up to you my friends.

Android is awesome, but did you know you can create iPhone Apps without writing code?

App Inventor Image Picker Component Tutorial

The Image Picker component in App Inventor is a really cool feature that enables you to let your app users pick an image from their own device’s pictures.

This very short App Inventor tutorial video will show you how to use it.

Android is awesome, but did you know you can create iPhone Apps without writing code?

Android App Development Course Now Multimedia Based

We’ve converted our Level 1 Android App Development Course to a multimedia-based learning environment that will walk you through everything from installing App Inventor to uploading your first App to the Android Market.

The video below gives you a sneak preview into how the Android App course is structured. If you would like to view a demo, you can view the Android App Course here.


Getting Around the App Size Limit in App Inventor

App Inventor only allows Apps up to 5MB in size, and this causes issues when adding multimedia items such as images, audio and video to your Apps. This App Inventor tutorial video explains how you can get around the size limit by pulling your multimedia items from a server instead of uploading them directly to the App Inventor media section in the components editor.


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