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The Notifier Component Explained – App Inventor

notifier component app inventor
In this App Inventor tutorial we’re going to cover the Notifier component. We’ve been getting a few questions on this in our online App Inventor courses and decided to produce a video explaining the four types of Notifiers you can use in App Inventor.

For those of you who don’t know what the Notifier component in App Inventor does, it allows you to bring up a message that sits on top of your apps that does one of four things:

  1. Displays a message and disappears automatically
  2. Displays a message that disappears when the user clicks a button
  3. Displays a message that give the user two different button options to click
  4. Displays a message that allows the user to input some text, such as a password, before moving on to the next step

Without further ado, here is our Notifier component App Inventor tutorial:

Android is awesome, but did you know you can create iPhone Apps without writing code?

App Inventor Courses Now Available

Android App Training is very proud to announce the opening of its online App Inventor courses to the public!

We have App Inventor courses, one for absolute beginners and one for more seasoned App Inventor users. You can download each course immediately, and you’ll be invited to join the online course within one business day. We highly recommend learning App Inventor through the online course. There you’ll receive the added benefits of question and answer boards, an online whiteboard, connecting with other students and additional content to play around with.

Click the following link or watch the video below to learn more about our App Inventor courses.

App Inventor Beta


MIT App Inventor Beta is now live and open to the public! For those of you who have been missing App Inventor or are eager to learn how to create your own Android apps without writing programming code, this is a truly great day!
A few notes about App Inventor Beta:

  1. You will need a Google account to access it
  2. You still need to download the App Inventor installation files for the Blocks Editor to work (if you installed them before, they should still work)
  3. You can now add multiple screens – You can add the blocks right now, but the emulator will not show you the switch from screen to screen yet. That is a release we’re expecting soon
  4. You can now upload and save your App Inventor project files
  5. You can now download your .APK files

If you would like to learn how to build apps using App Inventor, check out our online App Inventor courses.

Rejoice and have fun with App Inventor Beta everyone!

App Inventor and the Move to MIT: The Latest Information

Google has officially shut down their version of App Inventor, but MIT is currently working to provide a “large-scale public web service” to the public similar to Google’s App Inventor sometime in the first quarter of 2012.

You can read more about MIT’s progress with App Inventor at MIT’s Developer Blog. You should also check out MIT’s Center for Mobile Learning which is the new home for App Inventor. If you would still like to have access to App Inventor while MIT is working on their roll out, you’ll find information on running your own App Inventor service here.

Here is what MIT had to say about the latest progress with App Inventor:

App Inventor for Android lets people create apps for Android phones by manipulating programming blocks in a web browser.   Since July 2010, Google has run App Inventor  as a large-scale public web service as a part of its Google Labs suite.  With the wind down of Google Labs, as of December 31,  2011, Google ended support of App Inventor.

In order to ensure the future success of App Inventor, Google Research has funded the establishment of the Center for Mobile Learning at the MIT Media Lab.  Sometime in the first quarter of 2012, the Center plans to provide a large scale App Inventor service for general public access, similar to the one Google ran.  MIT’s will be posting progress on getting their public service up and running at MIT Developer’s Blog.

Please visit the MIT Center for Mobile Learning for more information on the future of App Inventor and other innovative mobile learning efforts.

App Inventor Moving to MIT


Moving to MIT!

App Inventor, Google’s WYSIWYG Android mobile application development platform, is going to be shut down. But there’s good news for those come to know and love this easy to use app development system. Google recently announced that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is taking App Inventor under its wing and will be offering its use to the public again “sometime in the first quarter of 2012”.

Does this mean that App Inventor will become a more robust system than it already is? Though there are no guarantees on this question, but MIT is full of extremely bright folks. If we take stock of how well MIT’s Scratch Programming Language for creating WYSIWYG games, stories, music and art is doing, we should all have faith that App Inventor will not only be resurrected, but will thrive in its new environment.

If you’re currently using App Inventor, you should know that Google will be shutting it down on December 31, 2011. You will need to download your App Inventor files before that date or you will lose them.

Read: How To Download Your App Inventor Files


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