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How to Download and Upload App Inventor Project Files

This tutorial will show you the basics of uploading and downloading App Inventor project files to your computer so you can share them with other people. App Inventor project files allow other users to upload a complete App Inventor project with the components and blocks already in place. App Inventor project files are different than .APK files, which are files that actually install an app on a phone. 


This tutorial brought to you by Tony Barnes and is posted on the App Inventor Repository. Thanks Tony!

How to download App Inventor project files to your computer:

1. Click on My Projects in the designer

2. Check the app that you want to download from the list.

3. Click on More Options

4. Click on Download to computer

The resulting file will be in your downloads folder (or wherever your downloads are defaulted to with your particular web browser). You can share this .zip file with other App Inventor programmers.

How to upload App Inventor project files to your computer:

At some time, someone may send you a source .zip file or you may even download a source .zip file. To install that source.zip file to App Inventor so you can use it, you must upload that source file from your computer to the App Inventor cloud.

1. Click on My Projects in the designer

2. Click on More Options

3. Click on Upload to computer

4. Browse to the source .zip file that you want to upload and click Ok

5. Open My Projects in App Inventor and click on the name of the uploaded project file to access it

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